Killer Ab Workout – 10 minutes

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women training her abs

Our 10 minute killer ab workout complete guide. When trying new exercises, we need a few reps to practice.  A timed exercise, such as a minute ab exercise, allows us to use a couple repetitions to perfect the exercise.  A minute allows us to get more correct repetitions within a set.  Additionally, we want to get the most out of a ten-minute workout.  A timed-interval circuit focuses on strength and endurance.

I created this killer ab workout to be done anywhere, like at home.  We do not need equipment; however, each exercise can progress difficulties with a form of resistance. Ex. adding a medicine ball and/or resistance band. This is a great way to build abdominal muscles faster.

Before we begin what are the real benefits of strengthening your core?

We believe that your abdominal muscles are the main link which connects your upper body to your lower body. No matter which type of activity you are doing, your core is used to complete the relevant movement. A poor core can also effect your arms and legs function and capability. 

Taking the time to properly build your core will enhance your balance and stability. It will also prevent falls and injuries during any type of activity. We have listed a few great benefits from regularly training your abdominal muscles:

  • Improved performance in sports
  • Reduced lower back pain
  • Improved ability to bear weight
  • Firmer waistline

The following descriptions are in order of the attached exercises:


Bicycles – 1st Set

– Bring knees and elbows to 90 degree angles

– Engage core to keep back flat on the ground throughout entire exercise

– Alternate bringing knee and opposite elbow together by crunching with an abdominal twist

– Make sure to fully extend knee back 

20 sec rest – each rest interval’s goal is to recover heart rate (breath in through your nose and out through your mouth)

See-Saw – 2nd Set

– Start in an elbow plank position.  Make sure shoulders are stacked above elbow.  Elbows are pointing forward to create torque. 

– To create engagement in the core, try to move elbows and feet come together without bending your body. 

– Tighten your glutes and keep your hips ups (inline with a straight spine).

– Using your toes, core, and elbows, slowly move your body forward.

– Come back to neutral position with having your elbows at a 90 degree angle (aka, shoulders stacked above elbows)

Alternate Leg Raises – 3rd Set

– Engage core to help keep back flat on the ground during entire exercise

– Raise one straight leg at a time.

– Move slowly to prevent momentum

20 sec rest

Plank to Oblique Crunch – 4th Set

– Start in a palm plank position.  Engage core – similar to See-Saw position expect on your palms, not elbows.

– Bring knee to the outside of same side elbow while crunching your obliques (slightly bend elbow when in this position)

– Reset knee and repeat on opposite side

20 sec rest

Jacknife ab crunch – 5th Set

– Start with back flat on the ground (engage core by forcing naval to move towards spine)

– Simultaneously bring knees to chest and arms together while crunching your core

– Rest back to laying flat on your back (make sure to move slowly through each repetition to not use momentum)

10 sec rest – Get Ready for Final 2-minute Burn – Give Everything  You Got!

Mountain Climbers – 6th set

– Start at a palm plank position.  Make sure shoulders are stacked above wrists.  Keep back flat by engaging core and hips.

– Alternate bringing one knee to chest in between arms.

Plank with Abduction Toe Touch – 7th Set

– Start in an elbow plank position (similar to See-Saw position)

– Alternate Moving legs away from body and tap toe

We hope you enjoyed our killer ab workout which can be done at home or at the gym. Have a read of our how to get in shape faster and safely article. The article gives great advice on how to speed up your fitness results but ensuring its done in a safe way.

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