20 Ways To Improve Your Self Worth

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A woman that has improved her self worth

Learning how to improve your self worth is critical for all of us. Many people engage in counselling or life coaching to help improve their self-wroth. So, what is Self Worth? Self worth, is defined as the sense of one’s value or worth as a person. Many individuals enter counselling to improve their self worth after experiencing life changing events. As behavioural health professionals, it is our job to help guide these clients to help them improve their overall self-worth. This requires both counsellor and client to work on attainable and realistic goals to achieve in counselling. Many individuals can also practice improving their self worth individually to improve their lives.

On a scale from 1 (lowest self-worth) to 10 (highest self-worth), where is your current self-worth at? Now, I got you thinking…..if you would like to improve your self-worth, continue with my favourite self-worth tips!


Improve Your Self-Worth With These Tips:

1 Start Your Own Self- Care Routine:

Do one thing each day for yourself! Example: Get 7-9 hours of sleep each night, take 10 deep breathes each day, stretch in the morning, leave your phone outside your bedroom at night time, drink 8-9 glasses of water each day, eat healthy, get outside each day, call a friend! Whatever works for your routine- include it!


2 Dress yourself up, even if you have nowhere to go! 

Our physical appearance influences how we are feeling. Sometimes just “dressing” yourself up for the day can boost your mood. Dress up for things, you normally don’t dress up for!


3 Celebrate the SMALL accomplishments and achievements:

Instead of harping on the negatives, tap yourself on the back for the little achievements! Example: Got out of bed today, showered, checked my emails, completed presentation, exercised today. You are doing a good job!!


4 Get a supportive tribe or squad around you:

Have you ever heard the saying, “You are who you hang out with.” Choose wisely which people and vibes you want around you! Stay close to people who lift you up and empower you! Try your best to keep firm boundaries around individuals that could be toxic to your mental well-being. This includes family, friends and co-workers.


5 Smile more:

Did you know you feel better when you smile? Smiling is contagious, you look more attractive when you smile, those who smile live longer and it’s the universal sign of happiness. Smiling more each day can change your life! Try it!


6 Practice gratitude:

Each day try to be grateful for one thing you have. Example: “I am  grateful I have a home to live, I have a caring family. I am grateful I have a job and i am happy.” Make a gratitude list to help examine what you are grateful for each month!


7 Be mindful, meditated and be present:

Be aware of your own mind, body and soul. This will help you become more present and aware of your feelings. People who practice mindfulness and meditation, LIVE LONGER! Mindfulness and meditation can be done anywhere. Start practicing mindfulness on your commute to work, while you are at work/school or at home. We carry so much tension in our body each day, mindfulness will allow you to release this! Everyone can meditate and practice mindfulness, just takes practice!


8 Work on changing your thought process:

Negativity, bring us all DOWN. Try to pause before you jump to negatives and re-frame your thoughts to more positive vibes! Try to look at the good in situations instead of jumping to the bad! Life is full of ups and down, but being more positive can change your WORLD! Challenge on negative thought each week! That’s a start! Check our article on how to maintain a more positive mindset here.


9 Set small attainable goals- to help improve your confidence:

Simple, easy, attainable goals will make you feel accomplished. Example: I will clean my room today, I will organise my desk today, I will complete my homework by 5pm, I will answer 3 emails today, I will spring clean even when its winter! Small goals can add up to even bigger achievements. Start small and work your way up to big goals!


10 Practice forgiving yourself and others:

This will set you free! Forgiving yourself and others will allow you to be as FREE as a BIRD! We cannot always control what others have done to us, but we can free ourselves from the heartache. Sometimes talking about forgiveness, can literally lift us up!


11 Stop comparing yourself to everyone else, they are not YOU!

You are individualistic, your DNA says SO! Stop comparing yourself to others- it doesn’t make you a better person! Set your own goals that are realistic to you, not to insta celebrities! Personal these goals based on what you know you can achieve!


12 Find an exercise routine or commitment:

Pick one thing you can do each week, stretch, walk, yoga this can change your life! Recruit one of your pals or family members to help you get motivated. Check out all the free apps right now and youtube videos for exercising ideas!


13 Volunteer:

Helping others can help you help yourself! We feel good when we are doing for other people or animals! Volunteer your time, it feels great to be appreciated by others! Examples: animal shelters, senior citizen homes, covid-19 support centres, big brother/big sister, mentorship etc.


14 Journaling: Buy yourself a nice little journal!

Log how you are feeling each day. Be honest with yourself. Search deep into your core to examine your emotions and feelings. Journaling allows us to become more self-aware, honest and forthcoming about our lives. This is just for you, it can be your time to vent or process some hidden emotions. There are so many mental health benefits by journaling.


15 Do Random Acts of Kindness for Others:

Tell someone they look great, buy a random stranger coffee at Starbucks, drop a message to your friends to tell them how appreciative you are of them! Buy a gift you normally wouldn’t buy for someone! Challenge yourself to become more thoughtful!


16 Daily Affirmations:

Tell yourself something kind each day. Example: Look in the mirror in the morning and tell yourself “I am beautiful.” Tell yourself when you are struggling “This too shall pass, I will survive this”. Create your own affirmation list on your phone or up in your room!


17 Start Reading or Listening to Podcasts!:

I find self-help podcasts to be extremely helpful. I also enjoy reading new articles on being the best version of yourself. Download a few podcasts or books to start this journey.


18 Start a New Bedtime Routine AKA ME TIME!:

Use this time to help decompress, practice deep breathing, use an aromatherapy diffuser and clear your mind! Include whatever works for you such as candles, relaxing music, weighted blanket or light stretching before bed.


19 Once Per Week Say “Yes” to Something New:

It is great to try new things! This could help you find a new activity or craft that you may have never thought you would like. You have the chance to find new activities that you maybe really good at!


20 Finish this Sentence:

“One thing I love about myself is _____.” Start exploring what you love about yourself. Reminders help us stay in the moment and recognise our own strengths.

Self- worth doesn’t improve instantaneously. Each day you have to work on “YOURSELF”. We are always a “work in progress”, but practice makes us better and stronger! Improving your self-worth can open up new opportunities that you may have been afraid to seek out before. It important to build the best version of yourself. And as my Italian grandmother always said “If you don’t love yourself, no one else will!”. Challenge yourself to practice one self-worth tip a day!

Written By: Jenna McKean

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