21 Ways To Become More Mindful

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how to become mindful

Discover how to become more mindful within this article. Mindfulness is defined as intentionally living with awareness in the present moment, without judgement, rejecting the moment and without attachment to the moment. Research shows that individuals who practice mindfulness are overall happier and healthier individuals. As a behavioural health profession, when discussing mindfulness with clients the number one thing I hear is, “I cannot meditate, it just doesn’t work for me, my mind can’t stay still.”. Meditation is a skill of mindfulness, but everyone is capable of being more mindful in their lives. Improving being mindful each day could help you, be more present in your own life, be present with the people around you and experience your reality on a different level.

Do you want to reduce pain, reduce suffering, improve your physical health and increase your overall joy? Well… let us help you start with these helpful mindful tips. 

21 Helpful Mindful Tips:

showing how to become more mindful

1 Start Your Own Mindfulness Journey: 

Start with a plan! Set your own mindful goals and how you want to incorporate them into your life. The best achievements start with your own personal commitment.

2 Learn Deep- Breathing To Become More Mindful:

You would be amazed how many individuals do not breathe properly during the day. Watch helpful videos on: deep belly breathing.. This will help you learn how important taking deep breathes are during the day!2

3 Journal:

Sitting quietly and rewinding to your previous day or thoughts, allows us to be more mindful. Journaling allows us to express how we were feeling and non-judgmentally review our lives.

4 Try One Thing At A Time To Become More Mindful:

Easier said than done! But, focusing on one task can allow us to be more mindful and less distracted. For me, writing down my tasks for the day, allow me to focus on one task at a time.

5 Shut Down Electronics:

We are overly connected and available due to technology. Schedule or allow yourself “shut down time” from electronics. This will allow you to have less distractions and give your other tasks your full attention. Even 5 minutes a day could change your life and also help your eyes!

6 Meditate To Become More Mindful:

Ok, ok! At least give this a try! Challenge yourself to meditate once a week for a few minutes. Do not judge yourself while meditating! It is completely normal for thoughts to come into your mind during meditation. Do your best to push those thoughts away to continue in a meditative state. There are great resources to help you start meditating via your app store or on YouTube.

7 Get Moving And Walk With Intention:

Be aware of your own mind, body and soul. This will help you become more present and aware of your feelings. Be present during your walks, workouts and activities. Actually, feel what it is like to be present and aware of what you are feeling!

8 Eat In The Proper Way:

What does this mean anyway? Well.. I mean eat your meals comfortably. Take your time to enjoy your meals instead of rushing through them. Try not to be distracted by the television, smart phone or computer. One of the worst things you can do is eat while you working. You want to eat while being fully present. This will also help with overall food wellness.

9 Start Paying Attention To The Small Things:

Pay attention to detail not just the big picture. Start examine things more closely. Take a minute to focus on things you’re normally took for granted during the day. Ex: your office window view.

10 Be Grateful and Practice It:

Example: I will clean my room today, I will organise my desk today, I will complete my homework by 5pm, I will answer 3 emails today, I will spring clean even when its winter! Small goals can add up to even bigger achievements. Start small and work your way up to big goals!

11 Make Eye Contact:

This will set you free! Forgiving yourself and others will allow you to be as FREE as a BIRD! We cannot always control what others have done to us, but we can free ourselves from the heartache. Sometimes talking about forgiveness, can literally lift us up!

12 Take Breaks! :

You are individualistic, your DNA says SO! Stop comparing yourself to others- it doesn’t make you a better person! Set your own goals that are realistic to you, not to insta celebrities! Personal these goals based on what you know you can achieve!

13 Find an exercise routine to help you connect with yourself:

Pick one thing you can do each week, stretch, walk, yoga this can change your life! Recruit one of your pals or family members to help you get motivated. Check out all the free apps right now and YouTube videos for exercising ideas! If your struggling to make exercise fun and interesting check out our article here.

14 Travel More:

Helping others can help you help yourself! We feel good when we are doing for other people or animals! Volunteer your time, it feels great to be appreciated by others! Examples: animal shelters, senior citizen homes, covid-19 support centres, big brother/big sister, mentorship etc.

15 Learn Some Amazing Emotional Regulation Techniques:

Log how you are feeling each day. Be honest with yourself. Search deep into your core to examine your emotions and feelings. Journaling allows us to become more self-aware, honest and forthcoming about our lives. This is just for you; it can be your time to vent or process some hidden emotions.

16 Clear The Clutter Out Of Your Life:

Tell someone they look great, buy a random stranger coffee at Starbucks, drop a message to your friends to tell them how appreciative you are of them! Buy a gift you normally wouldn’t buy for someone! Challenge yourself to become more thoughtful!

17 Set A Daily Intention:

Set the intention each day. This could be as simple as “I will eat healthier today”. “I will send a nice text to a friend”. “I will meditate today”. Intentions allow us to focus more on ourselves and healing our lives!

18 Start Reading Or Listening To Podcasts:

I find self-help podcasts to be extremely helpful. I also enjoy reading new articles on being the best version of yourself. Download a few podcasts or books to start this journey.

19 Take Control Of Negative Thoughts:

Practice shifting your thinking from negative to happier thoughts. This will take some work, but try to let the negative thoughts float away. Challenge yourself to be more mindful about your thoughts. As soon as you mindfully observe negative thoughts try to shift the focus.

20 Clear Your Schedule And Calendar, Just To Be Mindful:

It is great to be busy at times! But, it is also great to clear your calendar and be mindful of yourself. Start enjoying time with yourself. Think about how you feel during these times emotionally, mentally and physically.

21 Spend Time In Nature:

Nature allows us to connect with ourselves. Start to take longer walks in parks and observe the view. Head to the beach and feel the sand on your feet and body. Go to a body of water and feel the water temperature. Be mindful doing these activities. Do them with a purpose!

Starting to be more mindful each day will allow you to relax in many ways! Mindful behaviour takes practice, time and commitment. Once you start listening and understanding your body and mind, life will automatically become easier to cope with. Start with one mindful tip today!

Written by By: Jenna McKean

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