9 Ways Real People Made Exercise More Fun

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a couple making exercise fun together

We think it’s important for everyone to learn how to make exercise a bit more fun no matter what level of fitness they are at. The top fitness models and experts make working out look easy and enjoyable. But for most people out there going down to the gym can be seen as quite an overwhelming and nervous experience. It can be a real struggle to get into and stick to a fitness routine.

We understand and recognise that going to the gym and doing the same routine constantly on the same treadmill can get a bit boring and repetitive. If you start to notice that you are getting a bit bored at the gym you need to mix it up as soon as possible. You will start to have a less motivated attitude towards the gym and I assure you that you will be further away from achieving your overall fitness goals. Instead of running on that same treadmill, try and go for a run outside and get a change of scenery. We guarantee that implementing changes just like this will reduce your boredom dramatically. 

We understand the importance of regular exercise on your overall health and self-confidence. So the worst thing you can do is start an exercise routine with a bored negative attitude. It is essential to keep your exercise routines as fun and enjoyable as possible. You will instantly lack motivation to train to the best of your ability if you start with a negative attitude.

Are you someone who is bored of the same routine or struggles getting yourself to the gym? Let’s see some ways that real people who used to despise exercise have now turned it all around and actually enjoy going to the gym! 

9 ways to stay motivated and make exercise more fun:

1. Working out with a friend is fun

working out with a friend

Professional research studies have shown that working out with a friend can really make it much more enjoyable and gives you much more motivation to stick to an exercise plan. So instead of going down to your local gym, take a run or walk outside and have a catch up whilst exercising. We would recommend that you train with someone who is around the same fitness ability as yourself, so you can encourage each other much more.

2. Attend a Group Fitness class to exercise

fitness class making exercising more fun

Attending group fitness classes is a great way to meet new friends and to also meet people that are on a similar fitness journey to yourself. If you are someone who dreads walking out into an open gym then a fitness class is definitely worth trying out. Check with your gym if there are any free fitness classes you can attend and then work out which best suits your needs. The best type of fitness classes we recommend are spinning, boxing and circuit training.

3. Workout with a video game

working out to a video game

Maybe you’re someone who likes a little workout at home to burn some extra calories off. Then try doing a workout with a fitness video game. It may sound daft to some people but EA Sports Active 2 for Nintendo Wii or Kinect Training provide some pretty good workout games that you will definitely be able to have a workout to.

4. Physical exercise with your Dog

running with a dog to make it fun

Studies have shown that if you are to own a pet, particularly a dog, it can actually improve your health a substantial amount. Owning a dog can improve your mental health dramatically. They provide companionship and reduce the feeling of loneliness and risk of depression. They can also lower your blood pressure and improve your heart health. 

Apart from all the above benefits that having a pet brings, they are also great for finding motivation to go on a run or walk. Dogs specifically need to stay active and need regularly exercise. Therefore going on a run or playing a game of fetch with your dog is a great way to get some physical exercise in without even realising it. It makes it much more fun to exercise.

5. Get a little competitive with a friend to make it more fun

getting competitive with a friend while exercising

One of the biggest motivators for top athletes is competition between rival athletes. It helps keep the feeling of needing to constantly improve your fitness. Try a little bit of healthy competition with a friend or training partner who is on a similar fitness level to yourself. For example weight loss competitions are a great way to keep motivation. You can track your weight loss weekly and compare it to one person or a group. You can use various different fitness apps to monitor your weight loss results.

6. Try going on a Bike Ride

going on a bike ride

Going for a bike ride is a great distraction from actually undergoing a physical exercise task. You can enjoy the wonderful surroundings and fresh air whilst improving your fitness. It is a great activity to improve your cardiovascular endurance.

7. Start Swimming

swimming to get fun exercise

Swimming regularly is a great way to get physically fit. Swimming has many physical benefits, it is great for building muscle strength and endurance. It  also improves your flexibility and balance, without putting unwanted pressure on joints.

8. Give Zumba a go

women doing zumba exercise

Zumba made the list because we have seen it change peoples lives for the better first hand just from attending a few sessions a week. It really is one of the most effective group exercises for weight loss and overall fitness improvement. Zumba is a group fitness class which has been classed the best group fitness activity on multiple occasions.

The beauty of Zumba is that it targets multiple muscle groups at once, giving you an all round body toning workout.

9. Workout at home with a workout video

working out at home to make it fun

There are many great fitness video workouts which you can get all online and hook it up to your TV or laptop. There are so many different types of workout videos you can use to reduce boredom. If going to the gym isn’t for you, this is a great way to get physically fit in your own home. Also having a motivating teacher is a great way to keep you in a fitness routine.

I hope you enjoyed this article and we thought you might like to learn how to get fit fast but in a safe way as-well. Have a read and learn ways to get fit quicker but in a safe way.

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