Feeling Lost? 7 Steps To Find Your True Self

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a women feeling lost and trying to find herself

Within this article we will cover how you can find yourself and live a healthier life. Understanding who you truly are as a human being can improve your mental state of mind and improve your relationships with others. We understand and recognise the importance for each one of us to truly understand why we have been put on this earth. We believe everyone is talented and skilled in their own right, some people just don’t know it yet.

As we get older we all change slightly. Some parts of us change for the better and some for the bad but the point is we all adapt and change as we age. We all go through life having different experiences from one another and finding out what we love to do and we dislike. The main factors which make us who we really are, our mainly how we view the world, who we socialise with and what we want to do with our lives. Also the types of foods we like to eat and the type of hobbies we enjoy, all these types of factors play a massive part in the type of person we become as we get older.

Finding Yourself in life:

a woman thinking about her life

We all experience a period of time in our life where we don’t know what we want to be or which direction we need to follow. This is completely normal and natural to feel this way. We may experience social pressure or pressure from family or friends at this time in our lives. Some pressure may be positive and the rest might be quite negative. It can also sometimes force you to take a direction in life which you’re not completely sure about yet if too much negative pressure is put on you.

When you feel like this you should really sit down with yourself mentally and find out what is important to you right now at this moment in time. This may be a time in your life where you feel you need to travel more, start a new job or activity. I personally like to think about which direction I want to take when I am at the gym alone and I go over in my mind which direction I want to take in life. Times like this will help you find yourself and keep you on track in life. This will ensure you are going in the correct direction.

Why is it so important to find and understand yourself?

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Im sure we all spend a considerable amount of time worrying about the relationships we have with other people. But the most important relationship you should be worrying about is the one you have with yourself. The one and only person that will travel with you throughout your entire life is yourself and no one else. So why wouldn’t you want to have the best relationship with yourself?

To truly understand and accept who you are, you must know the good and the bad about yourself. It can be hard to look at yourself in the mirror and pick out all the negative aspects about your character. For example you may have no patience or you are quite lazy. Whatever the negative parts of your character are, it’s important to recognise and acknowledge these aspects of your character. You should not deny or completely ignore these aspects. It will still be there, even if you try and deny it to yourself. By recognising the fact you may be impatience from time to time you can start to enjoy it and not let it work against you.

Having a good sense of self-knowledge makes you completely independent from the opinions of others. If you know exactly what is working for you and what isn’t and the direction in life you want to go down. Other peoples opinions and advice are completely irrelevant if you have self-knowledge. Once you require a good level of self-knowledge you become more independent and confident in decision making and it gives you a stronger level of self-confidence which is essential for anyone to have throughout there life.

Having knowledge about yourself gives you more insight and confidence. This can make challenging decision making much easier throughout your life.

7 Simple steps to finding your true self:

a man holding a who am i sign with a self knowledge concept

1. Look back at your life and create a timeline

To move forward in the world and ensure you are going in the correct direction. You need to look back at your life and create a timeline of what you have experienced so far. You should create a timeline and note down all the main experiences you have gone throughout your life the bad and good.

We have all experienced bad situations in our lives and to truly move forward you must acknowledge these bad times, as much as the good. The reason you should acknowledge the bad experiences in your life is because even though it might give you brief discomfort re-living the past you will find strength and confidence to go forward in your life from it.

This exercise is all about understanding and learning from your previous experiences and struggles. Reminding ourselves of the struggles we have been through gives us more strength and courage to move forward.

2. Look at what makes you different to others

On your journey to finding your true self it is important that you work-out and think about what makes you different from the other people you have come across in your life time.

It’s sometimes hard to identify what makes us different to other people in this world. This can be especially hard if you are quite critical of yourself in general. Instead of seeing your difference’s as a negative or letting them pull you down, you should embrace them and see them as a positive. These differences should be at the front end of you exploring yourself and finding your true self.

A quick exercise we like to use is extremely effective and easy to do. Write down 8 traits about yourself which you are proud of. For example this could be things like, you like how you cheer other people up easily or how you are talented at a particular sport. You shouldn’t have to think about it for too long, just write down the first 8 things that come to your mind. It can be hard sometimes thinking about the things you’re good at or proud of about yourself because the negative aspects can heavily take over.

These traits you are proud about yourself for having is what makes you unique and your own character.

3. Think about the things that make you happy in life

For us all to truly find ourselves in this life and put ourselves on the right path, we need to recognise the parts in our lives which make us feel most alive. We can’t stress enough that everyone should be putting themselves in front of the things they love to do, as often as possible.

You should look at what your passions are in life, whether that be travelling or climbing up the career ladder. Whatever it is that makes you most happy you should follow and take extremely seriously. If you follow your passions you will improve your mind set and overall health.

You should be asking yourself what is it that truly makes me happy. When do I feel my most alive and what is it that truly gets me going.

When you discover the areas in your life that brings you the most joy, you will be extremely happy in your soul and mind.

4. Let your critical side go

Someone once told me that if you would never say it to another person or friend, then you shouldn’t say it to yourself. If you want to find yourself and live the best life you possibly can then you really need to let go of your critical side and forget about it. As human beings we all have tendencies to be overly critically to ourselves.

Critical statements to yourself set you back and don’t allow you to evolve and grow as a person. It helps you grow and find yourself much quicker if you’re constantly kind to yourself and not constantly negative. Being over self-critical has been linked to increase in depression and anxiety.

5. Don't listen to your negative thoughts

Unfortunately, in life there are a lot of negative people. Research shows that we have over 60,000 thoughts every day, and over 65% of them thoughts are classed as being negative. It’s not always having the thoughts that cause the damage, it’s if we decide to listen to them thoughts.

Remember to be kind to yourself and provide positive thoughts and not negative thoughts to your mind. We all get annoyed and frustrated from time to time but you need to find a way to disconnect from actually listening to them negative thoughts we all think about each day. It will improve your mental wellness and help you succeed in life because you will have a much more positive mindset.

6. Stand up for what you believe

Don’t be afraid to say things that you truly believe in and feel passionate about. You obviously don’t have to be offensive and rude to other people to make yourself feel better. Rather than following what everyone else says and trying to get them to like you just because you constantly agree with them, try standing up for yourself and voicing your own belief’s and views in life. Also remember to be open to listening to other peoples views and don’t shut them down straight away. Having an open mindset and listening to other peoples views throughout life is greatly beneficial for your development and learning throughout life.

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open in front of others is one of the best ways to find your real self. If you believe in something and disagree with someone else’s opinion just tell them and don’t hold back. When you are straight up and real with other people, they see that and respect you much more than being fake to them and just agreeing with them for the sake of it. This helps you build confidence and feel more comfortable in the presence of other people.

7. Do it now

If you have followed the above steps, you’ve probably learnt and recognised new things about yourself you haven’t thought about before. This should have ultimately brought you closer to understanding yourself better.

You will have an understanding of what gives you the most joy in life and what you can offer to the big old world.

Once you’ve understood and followed the relevant steps and decided who you are. It is time to start taking action and following your path in life. Follow your passions and what brings you the most joy in life. Remember to be kind to yourself because you are the only person that will follow you throughout your whole life.

Let us know if you found this article useful and beneficial.

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