7 Proven Ways To Show You Love Someone

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a couple who are in love

To love and be loved is one of the greatest experiences in existence. Most human beings share the same deep longing to love another and to be loved. Everyone has their own definitions of love.

For some people Love is the most incredible feeling in the universe. It’s the unseen force that draws people together without asking questions. Some consider it as the bond between two hearts that cannot be broken, while others think of it as a sea of deep emotions that cannot be fathomed.

How to love someone?   It requires a significant emotional investment for a long period of time as feelings of love cannot be switched off and on like a tap. Loving someone is not a matter of luck or even choice, it’s more a bond or connection you have with a particular person. It can be challenging to find someone who loves you just as you are. Someone who accepts you with all your flaws and appreciates your presence. If you are lucky enough to find that amazing person, then invest in them and your emotions towards them as they can be rare to find. 

How to Love Someone? 

First of all, you need to try and understand if you are really in love or not? Either it is love or attraction, or both of course. Learn to differentiate between love and infatuation. It is also important to know the feelings of the other people to avoid the pain of unrequited love. Be ready to meet a few frogs before you meet your prince. Once you are sure about your emotions, then it could be time to show and express how you feel. 

Here are some ways to show your love to someone. 

1. Understand Its Originality and Uniqueness

a couple in love adventuring

How to love someone? it is not just about romance, dating and candlelight dinners, etc. It is more than all these ordinary things.

Try not to compare your current partner to any partners you have spent time with in the past. It’s unfair and can lead to frustration and disappointment. Don’t expect someone to behave like others or your ex-lover. The person your with will be unique in all aspects. Look at them with a new and changed perspective. Try to find more positive things about them instead of searching for flaws and making vague comparisons.

Don’t make pro-active judgments about someone’s personality by keeping in mind past experiences. Let your past make you better, not bitter. Be realistic, but don’t try to judge every action and emotion.

2. Make Them Feel So Special and Surprise Them For No Apparent Reason

a man surprising his girlfriend

Focus on doing little things that would make them feel appreciated and special. Sometimes little things make a big difference and it’s not all about expensive gifts and dinners. For example, you can make coffee for them if they are busy with studies or doing something important. You can write a note to tell them how much you love and care for them. Undoubtedly the most obvious and perfect way of showing love is through words of confirmation, and this can vary from anything like a simple “I love you” to a more extravagant note about all the things you admire and love about them.

Try to surprise them with unplanned gestures, big or small, it doesn’t matter. These things can make your partner realise that you know how to love them and appreciate them. Let them know through your actions and words, how much you love them. Words should always be backed up with actions, its how we demonstrate our love.

3. Support Them in Their Endeavor

a couple being supportive with eachother

If you can’t do anything, appreciate them and support them in what they are doing because sometimes love is about accepting and respecting your partner and supporting them wholeheartedly in their work/hobbies/actions. Giving them space, appreciating and supporting their endeavours for personal growth is  loving and supporting and will help love thrive and grow. Remember, love is not a competition, it is a matter of harmony. Also caring and sharing is essential, but don’t smother them in a possessive and unhealthy way that they may feel suffocated. Don’t get jealous of their success, be part of their success journey. Never allow your ego to destroy a beautiful relationship you have.

4. Don’t Be Mean, Be A Giving Person

giving a present to show love

Give and take and compromises are some of the foundations for a healthy loving relationship. If you’re ready to learn how to love someone, you have to be a giving person. Giving doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend a lot of money on romantic gifts, chocolates, and flowers. There are some other unique ways to show someone how you love them deeply.

You can be imaginative and widen your perception to surprise them. You have to understand the likes and dislikes of your partner. Spending quality time together will help you to really get to know each other better. 

5. Be Consistent in Showing Your Love and Feelings


Love is like a plant that needs to be watered daily to grow and flourish. It’s a a common problem in lots of relationships that after a period of time, that people often stop or forget to express their love and emotion. Keep expressing your love and love unconditionally.

Don’t stop giving surprises and love notes, it doesn’t matter how old your relationship is. Consistency is the key to success, we should consistency share our emotions and our love to our partner so they feel continually loved. Flexibility is an engaging part of learning how to love someone with a whole heart, and there can be thousands of ways to show your love. Be consistent in showing your feelings for one another through words and actions as well.

6. Laugh Together and Must Spend Quality Time

a couple laughing in love

Have you ever heard of laughing therapy? If so, then laugh regularly with your partner. It’s important to share a giggle with your lover because laughter has huge positive effects on a relationship and your health. Laughter is the best medicine. You can share silly jokes, your childhood memories, you can watch a funny film together and so many things. 

This simple and hassle-free activity that should just happen spontaneously can deepen your feelings for each other because it is a shared state of joy and happiness. Any kind of loving relationship can benefit from laughter. According to Doares (relationship and marriage coach), laughing together protect the relationship from relationship killers like anger, ignorance, doubts and bitterness. It’s also important to let your partner know that you enjoy their company and you are grateful for the quality time you spent together.

7. Stay Committed and Never Overlook the Importance of Forgiveness

a couple holdng hands showing commitment

 How to love someone profoundly is not an easy task, as they say, the road to true love rarely runs smoothly. Just like with everything else in life, it can require sacrifice and commitment. Committing fully to someone special and investing your time and other resources into the relationship is an excellent thing to do when you know it’s worth it. Committing to someone and devoting yourself, within reason, will lead to a deepening of the connection you share. Remember that there is nothing perfect; every relationship has flaws and misunderstandings. Make your relationship stronger by Forgiving at the right time. Don’t be too proud to say sorry if you are at fault. Anyone can make a mistake in a relationship. Recognise them for what they are and forgive if the act warrants forgiveness and move on. Don’t make your partner feel ashamed by making them relive their mistakes, again and again, forgive and forget, move forward to develop a stable and healthy relationship.

The Bottom-Line

How to love someone deeply and unconditionally. I hope these above points help. Remember the long phone calls, the candle lit dinners, long conversations, the sharing of silly stories, the building of trust and being there for each other, all these things will make your bond stronger with the magical glue called love. 

Remember, Forgiving and forgetting plays a vital role in shaping our relationships. Admitting  our mistakes and not hesitating to apologise when we are in the wrong will all help strengthen our relationships. Never let your ego destroy the things you care about the most. Love is not a game, stay loyal and committed to the one you love. 

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